After Bruce Willis gets kicked out of an L.A. pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask, the internet responds with tons of Die Hard jokes.

Die Hard star Bruce Willis has been the recent focus of online mockery due to the 65-year old’s refusal to wear a mask in a Los Angeles pharmacy. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit California particularly hard in recent weeks, despite the existence of a vaccine and continued lockdown measures.

Back in 1988, Willis was a relatively unknown actor. The two films he’d already done by that point hadn’t attracted much attention at all, and no one could have known that he was on the cusp of stunning Hollywood by being paid $5 million to star in a film called Die Hard. However, once the film was released, it proceeded to change the face of action films forever. To date, the film has spawned four sequels, with Die Hard 6 reportedly on the way. But while the franchise made Willis an international star who has gone on to appear in a wide variety of films, his reputation has often been tainted by reports of him being everything from difficult to work with to downright uncooperative. Filmmaker Kevin Smith famously recounted the difficulties he experienced working with Willis, going so far as to call him “a f*cking dick.”

With Willis’ reputation typically limited to his behavior while making films, what sort of person he is in public remains largely unknown. However, Twitter user @yashar has provided some recent news on Willis (via Page Six), which throws into question the star’s concern for others during the pandemic. After reportedly being asked to put on a mask in an L.A. pharmacy and refusing, Willis was asked to leave. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the story to spread, and Twitter users were quick to link this with Willis’ biggest cinematic achievement – Die Hard:

While the jibes at Willis’ expense are certainly funny, it doesn’t erase the actor’s irresponsibility. Los Angeles has recently been labeled the epicenter of the Covid epidemic in America, and much has been done to counter the disease’s rising numbers. The drive to get citizens to wear masks has been a challenge in America, with some celebrities taking part in public campaigns to make the concept more palatable. To date, Willis hasn’t taken part in any such campaigns and given his recent behavior, it’s unlikely that he will any time soon. Since being asked to leave the pharmacy, Willis hasn’t issued any sort of statement, and it’s worth noting that despite wearing a bandana around his neck while in the pharmacy, he wouldn’t pull it up over his nose and mouth.

Some would argue that Willis has the right to do what he wants when it comes to wearing a mask. However, as a very wealthy celebrity, his ability to receive the best healthcare possible grossly outweighs that of the average American. Personal freedom shouldn’t come at the expense of others’ health, yet certain celebrities seem keen to go against what public health officials have to say. Other celebrities are making an effort to try and make things a little bit better during this difficult time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this Die Hard star.