EXCLUSIVE: While Kevin Feige is busy expanding the MCU after the Infinity Saga and into Phase 4, he admits that he also thinks a lot about Star Wars.

On top of coming up with ideas for Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige is also constantly thinking about Star Wars. The MCU architect is set to launch Phase 4 in a matter of days through their first small screen production for Disney+ in WandaVision.

In a matter of days, Marvel’s main franchise is officially launching the next step in their storytelling following an unforeseen extended hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more than a year, the MCU has not released any new content following the end of the Infinity Saga with Avengers: Endgame while Spider-Man: Far From Home functioned as its epilogue. But work never really stopped for Feige and his team as they have a full slate to work on that will run until the next several years. If anything, things may be more hectic at this point since they’re also producing small screen content for Disney+ with a string of TV shows already in various stages of production. That said, it doesn’t seem like the producer still isn’t busy enough as on top of his primary role as Marvel Studios’ COO, he says he also always wonder about Star Wars and the future of it.

With Phase 4 only a few days away from officially launching, Feige is currently involved with the press tour for WandaVision. Exclusively speaking with Screen Rant, he opens up about juggling his role as MCU’s architect and his new endeavor as a producer for an upcoming Star Wars project. Feige doesn’t show any signs of fatigue, instead openly embracing the work, saying that if it wasn’t his work, he would still be invested in both franchises, constantly coming up with ideas about both of them.

It’s all stuff I love, and everything regarding Star Wars is not anywhere near talking about. So, it is Marvel. But if I wasn’t being paid to do it, I would be doing it here in my basement just with my toys, and nobody would ever see it. It’s what I think about all the time.

Feige is slated to produce a big-screen project for Star Wars, although story details are still firmly under wraps. Despite Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy laying the future of the space opera during Disney’s Investor Day 2020 back in December 2020, there wasn’t really any substantial information regarding the project thus far. That said, it’s been reported that Loki creator and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness scribe Michael Waldron has been hired to pen the story. Feige follows other MCU creative forces who are also now involved with Star Wars such as directors Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi.

Since Feige’s Star Wars project still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, coupled with the coronavirus hampering productions in general, it’s possible that his movie is still quite a long way to go. That’s not a bad thing, however; considering the slate that the space opera now has both for Disney+ and on the big screen with upcoming films like Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, there won’t be any scarcity in terms of new content from the Star Wars. On the flip side, it’s not like Feige isn’t occupied with the MCU with a handful of endeavors already plotted. In any case, considering what he was able to achieve with Marvel Studios, there’s so much to be excited about his Star Wars movie, especially since he sounds as passionate about the galaxy far, far away as he is with Marvel.